About us


You can't judge us, you can't define us, and we aren't here to convince you either. We're the saints and the sinners. We're in between good and evil. In order to get ahead in life, you have to know when to cross that "line". Who ever said you always have to do the right thing in life is a fucking liar. We don’t lie. We are true to our roots, we don’t break or bend for anybody. From Los Angeles to San Bernardino, DOS is influenced on the daily struggle and doing what we have to do to come up. From selling your first dime bag to flippin' threads for bread. It doesn’t necessarily make us bad people, so Despite Our Sins, we all do what we have to do to survive. Although we mean better, we've only become a product of our environment. We all make mistakes.

Just because you're from the hood doesn't mean you can't have class. It also doesn't mean you're stuck and cannot progress into something better. Despite Our Sins is here to appeal to the masses. Natural born hustlers striving for something better. 

This is a brand influenced on: Music and silence. Sex and drugs. Sports and knowledge. Street and contemporary culture.